List of Sub-proceccors Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Name            Location of processing Description of the processing
IT Forum A/S EEA Hosting services
Penneo ApS EEA Provision of Penneo
Bluewhale ApS EEA Provision of Bluewhale
Multisoft AB EEA Software development
Wolters Kluwer (group) EEA, UK, India, US Software development, Support services, Business supporting services
Salesforce EEA, US Support services
Microsoft EEA Hosting services, Support services
Amazon Web services EEA Backup services
Telenor EEA Support services
TeamViewer EEA Support services
Sendgrid EEA, US Email services
ECIT EEA Provision of Capego Smartflow and Capego Smartsign
Mild Media EEA Support services
Puzzel EEA Support services